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I've been serious about photography for over 30 years.

As well as focusing on people, activities, events and lifestyles, I'm also interested in capturing the environments in which we live and the items that we surround ourselves with.

My portfolio includes theatrical and product photography, whilst the galleries cover a range of projects I've worked on together, with scenic photography.

My aim is to provide a value-for-money service and deliver customer satisfaction at affordable rates.

Please feel free to browse my website to find out more about the services I offer. You can also read my blog, which covers my photography work, experiences and some of the assignments I've worked on.

What I Do

Much of what I do might be considered reportage photography although I'm wary of labels myself. This is a style of informal documentary photography, where the photographer can be seen as a casual observer, rather than setting up posed shots. This is the style I would use for stage and event photography - functions, parties, lectures, presentations and suchlike. I aim to capture not only the action but also the environment. Where there is a call for formal shots I'm happy to provide them.

I also provide portraiture and product photography. These are considered studies of people and objects, where the environment and lighting are much more controlled. For portraiture and headshots I use a mobile studio to photograph people in their own homes. I sometimes use the same mobile studio for parties and functions if quick formal shots are required.

Where I Work

The varied photographic assignments that I work on take me to many places - theatres, function rooms, factories, offices and private homes.

I'm based in Hertford and my catchment area covers Hertfordshire, Essex and North London, although I'm happy to travel further afield if required. I do not charge travel expences for anywhere within a 20 mile radius of Hertford.

I don't have premises, so the cost-saving of not having to maintain a studio or shopfront is reflected in my prices. Any work requiring a studio environment can be done on a client's own premises using a portable studio.

Small product photography will usually be undertaken in my own home, allowing me to fully control the lighting and environment without inconveniencing the client. Items are collected from and returned to your own address.


I've been photographing theatrical productions for over 30 years.

I like to capture the drama and emotion of a performance, as well as the spectacle of stage productions.

Whilst most of my work has been for local theatre companies in Hertfordshire I've also covered productions on the West End stage.

Parties & Functions

I provide photography for a variety of social functions, including anniversaries, birthdays and balls. I've even been asked to photograph a funeral.

As well as candid shots I can also provide more formal imagery of individuals, groups and presentations using a mobile studio.

I also offer an instant print service.

Product Photography

You could describe product photography is portraiture of the inanimate - both are about using lighting and environment to show the subect at it's best.

Most of my clients are businesses wanting images to help sell their products, but I've also worked with artists and museums to provide pictures for websites and exhibitions.

Live Music

I love photographing live music and performing artists.

Every summer I cover a range of music festivals in Hertfordshire as well as concerts and acoustic events in local venues.

My photographs have featured on artists' websites and promotional materials such as posters and banners.