Artist: Papa Shango

A circus rock act with mayhem and madness guaranteed to leave jaws dropped. Seasoned sexual performers and musicians were drawn together by Papa Rob's thrusting ambition to be the most ridiculous live band, next to Coldplay. With the addition of live dancers and backing singers Papa Shango's show has grown into one of the most popular and prestigious spectacles in the UK. "Outlandishly entertaining" The Observer.  "The internet has killed live music...Papa Shango are saving it" NME "Lunatic Rap Rock and Oddness" Kerrang "Like Crack for the eyeballs" Hellfire Club Glasgow "BUCKLE up and steel yourself for the ride of your life when tongue-in-cheek rockers Papa Shango take your venue by storm" The Observer "Its hard to explain a Shango Show," Time Out magazine. "Papa Shango need to be seen to be un-believed!" Entertainment Weekly.

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